Eric Camps


Eric Camps is a retired Soldier who took part in the Heroes Athletic Association.  “Campy” came to the group as a junior Sergeant in the U.S. Army.  He was stationed at Fort Belvoir and was a terrific athlete.  Eric had a wonderful attitude and quickly became part of the team interacting with senior military and civilians on the diamond.  As a junior Soldier, he contributed on the field as he learned how to engage persons outside of the Army.  Soon, coaches from other teams and organizations were asking to have him participate.  Soon he became part of a new network with mentors outside the military. 

Today, “Campy” is retired and successfully runs his own small business.

“Heroes Athletic Association supported my adult recreational softball team. HAA enabled me to become part of a local community as opposed to many of my peers who stayed on base and interacted primarily with other Soldiers and Army families.  I successfully transitioned because I experienced how my teammates, many former military and the non-military players negotiated their lives and shared their career progression.  Many of them were available and were there for me when I decided to hang up my uniform.  I was lucky to have HAA.”

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