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Carl S. Ey USA (Ret.)


Born in into a family full of military heroes, Carl had a feeling at a young age that his family’s service would influence him to one day wear the uniform. Carl’s dad was a Prisoner of War in WWII and retired Army officer and his older brother Bruce is a Vietnam veteran and a retired Army officer as well.

In the fall of 1984, Carl began his first year at the University of Connecticut. Aside from the routine class load, Carl was in the Army ROTC program and played on the university’s baseball team at the Hartford branch campus. Upon graduation, in 1988, Carl accepted a regular Army commission and embarked on a 22-year career that would take him to Korea, Egypt, Somalia, all over Europe, Kuwait and Iraq. Additionally, Carl was on site at the Pentagon on 9-11 approximately one hour after the disaster took place and worked there until the Military District of Washington’s mission was completed. Aside from enjoying his interaction with all service members, Carl has two significant highlights outside command: he served on the Armed Force Inaugural Committee twice and Carl served as a military escort for President Reagan’s personal physician when the country honored the passing of our 40th President.
In regard to education, Carl holds three masters degrees and one professional certificate. Two of his degrees come from American University in Washington, DC earning an MBA in Information Technology/International Business and a Master of Arts in Journalism. Additionally, Carl holds a Master of Science in National Security Studies from the National Defense University (ICAF) with a concentration in Strategic Communication. Carl’s professional certificate is from the information technology school at the National Defense University. He holds the Chief Information Officer professional certificate with a concentration in Information Assurance.
In his spare time, Carl enjoys sports, particularly softball and works diligently to support various Veteran initiatives. In 2014, Carl was elected to the University of Connecticut’s Alumni Association National Board of Directors. Carl and his wife are members of the Leonberger Club of America, showing their Leonbergers. What is a Leonberger? The oldest German-bred canine in the world and the best pet any family could hope to own!

Currently, Carl is the CEO of Mammoth Global Partners, Inc. Mammoth is a consulting firm providing private industry as well as local and federal government partner’s expert services in public affairs and strategic communications as well as event management/celebrity appearances. Carl is also exceptionally proud to be co-founder of the Heroes Media Group.

Carl is married to Jennifer Ann Kraly and has one sister and one brother and nine nieces and two nephews. In September, 2016, Carl and Jennifer welcomed their first child into the world; Emerson Grace.

Gino R. Yannotti USAF (Ret.)


Born into a large family, in the small town of Geneva NY.  Gino was the middle child of 7 (two older sisters and two younger sisters, an older brother and a younger brother).

Gino knew at a young age that he wanted to join the United States Air Force (USAF).  Gino had two Uncle’s that served in the USAF, one during Vietnam and another who served for 20 years (retired as a Master Sergeant) and they both inspired Gino to become an Airman.

Gino enlisted in the USAF on 27 Dec 1979.  After Basic Training Gino went to his Technical Training at Sheppard AFB TX, for Accounting and Finance.  Upon completion of his training Gino was assigned to RAF Lakenheath, England on 15 Apr 1980.  Gino was reassigned to Sheppard AFB TX in April 1983 and after serving one year in TX, Gino went to Biloxi AFB MS to attend Technical Training as a Computer Specialist.  After completion of his training Gino was assigned to the Global Weather Center at Offutt AFB NE in September 1984.

Gino applied and was accepted into the Base of Preference program and picked to go to the Pentagon on 19 Sep 1985.  Gino separated from the Regular USAF on 7 Feb 1990 and joined the USAF Reserves.  On 11 Feb 1990, Gino started working for the Federal Government as a Computer Specialist at the Pentagon, pretty much working for the same unit and same personnel that he worked for as a Sergeant.

After 3 years in the Reserves doing Computer related jobs, Gino joined the USAF DC Air National Guard (ANG) going back to his first love, Accounting and Finance on 15 Sep 1993.

Gino took a management position with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on 3 Jan 2000 in downtown DC (across the river from the Pentagon).

On 11 Sep 2001, Gino was working at USDA and heard the crash of the airplane that hit the Pentagon.  Gino’s wife at the time, was seven months pregnant with their first child and they hadn’t been to Lamaze class yet.  Gino and his wife had plane tickets to fly to CA on flight number 77, for 14 Sep 2001, which was the flight that hit the Pentagon.  Ironically Gino got called up to Active Duty on 14 Sep 2001 serving until 10 Feb 2004.

In June of 2005, Gino rejoined the USAF Reserves and was assigned to Vandenberg AFB CA.  In Dec 2008 Gino went onto Active Duty serving at the Pentagon and Vandenberg until his retirement on 1 Feb 2013.  Gino went back to USDA and retired from the Federal Government on 31 Jan 2016.

Since his retirement, Gino has been a certified fitness instructor, a travelling notary, an Uber driver, a Real Estate agent, and a Campaign Treasurer for a Judge from NY to be re-elected.  Gino has been the President and/or Treasurer of the Headquarters United States Air Force Water Ski Club from August 1986 until the present.  Gino has been a Player/Coach/Board member of the Virginia Vipers Softball Club for Veterans which is a 501C3 organization since 1997.

Gino’s proudest moment was in 1997 when he saved a 7 year old’s life by donating bone marrow to rid the child of leukemia.

Gino holds a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland in Business Management with a minor in Computer Science.  Gino has one son Gino II, that is attending George Mason University.   .

Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit is a director for the Heroes Athletic Association. A retired 22 year Army officer, Chris began playing in 2010 with the Virginia Vipers and became a board member in 2016. A solid contributor to all of our teams, Chris has played at all levels from our most competitive teams to the Masters (35 and older) as well as being a staple with the Senior teams. Chris initiated our HAA Arlington Team, managing them for four competitive winning seasons.  Currently, Chris is a General Manager for American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier Group and resides in Ponte Vedra, FL. Chris is establishing HAA support efforts in the Jacksonville area.

Marty Chavers


Marty grew up as an only child in a military family. His father was a career enlisted soldier who served 31 years in the US Army. As a military dependent, Marty experienced many cultures and lived in many countries while the family moved around the world. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Frostburg State University and was also commissioned through the US Army ROTC as a Second Lieutenant into the US Army Field Artillery in 1988; let’s just say it’s the family business.

During a military career that spanned 20 years, Marty served in some storied units all over the world in peacetime and war: 1st Infantry Division (the Big Red One), 2d Infantry Division (Second to None), 82nd Airborne Division (the All American Division) , the Joint Readiness Training Center and the Army Staff at the Pentagon. Additionally, Marty is Ranger qualified, a Master Parachutist and holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the United States Air Force Academy. After retiring from service in 2008 as a Lieutenant Colonel, Marty pursued a career as a defense contractor and then reentered the Federal Government in 2014 with the US Customs and Border Protection. In August 2022, Marty moved to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General.

Marty and his wife Mellanie (formerly Long) live in Haymarket VA. They have three grown children: Rebecca, Tyler and Nate and three grandchildren: August, Violet, and Winnie.

In his spare time Marty enjoys coaching youth baseball, hunting, fishing, and most importantly supporting Veterans through softball, where he has been a Player/Coach/Board member of the Virginia Vipers Softball Club for Veterans, now named the Heroes Athletic Association which is a 501C3 organization since 1997.

Chip Campbell


Chip Campbell has been a Heroes Athletic Association player since
2020.  Chip is originally from Fort Myers, FL and a “legacy family” of Air Force service members.  One great uncle piloted his B17 over Nazi Germany in WWII; two others were among the earliest Army Air Corps members to cross over to the newly formed Air Force in 1947, eventually both would be among the first group of enlisted members to join the “super grades of E-8 and E-9” and be among the first-ever Chief Master Sergeants.  Since then, his uncle is a retired Major, his father enlisted and served during Vietnam, and now his younger brother and son are on active duty.  The Campbell family is truly an Air Force family.

In the Fall of 1990, he enlisted in the Air Force and went on to become a Security Policeman specializing as a Military Working Dog Handler.  For the next 10 years, Chip had several assignments and deployments.  He also supported the US Secret Service on Presidential protection details with his explosives detector dog.  In 2001, Chip retrained into the Communications career field.  During his time in “Comm,” he deployed several times in support of OIF/OEF missions, ran the AFCENT networks on-site and from their headquarters at Shaw AFB.  Additionally, he advised senior AF communicators on what training was needed to support wartime communications efforts.  Upon his selection for Chief Master Sergeant in 2011, Chip immediately moved into career field leadership roles culminating as the senior enlisted advisor to the Air Force Chief Information Officer on all communications career fields training and utilization at the Pentagon.  Chip supported several White House initiatives for veterans and their family members.

Chip is an avid softball player and bona fide gym rat.  He enjoys flat rimmed hats and sleeveless shirts. He began his playing days at 16 in Sanford, FL against MLB legend Tim Raines and his family team.  He played and coached throughout his Air Force career, often utilizing the sport as a conduit to meet new people at every base he was assigned.  He and his wife of nearly 30 years, Laura (formerly Olivo) met at a softball field in Panama.

Nick Bartoo

Nick Bartoo has been a Vipers/Heroes Athletic Association player since
1997, and is considered a founding member.  He enjoys playing as a
utility infielder and outfielder, and is known for his slap-hit style to
the opposite field.  He’s played tournaments with the team throughout
Northern Virginia and in Las Vegas twice, and has played in all four
local jurisdictions.  Off the field, he is an Army Civilian working in
the financial management career field.  He is a retired Lieutenant
Colonel, U. S. Air Force Reserve, having served from 1993 to 2015 as a
Cyberspace Operations Officer in the Pentagon. In the community, he is
also a youth sports coach and Boy Scout leader.

Geoff Putnam


Geoff Putnam works for one of the largest non-profit fundraising companies in the US after spending 24 years working for a non-profit in Washington DC. In his current role, he heads up a division that specializes in working with boards and executive management for several law enforcement organizations across the US as they seek to raise much needed funds and resources for sheriffs and deputies. He has brought this not-for-profit expertise to the board of HAA and continually seeks to increase the impact of the Association across the veterans and first responders that are served by HAA.

Geoff has played on various teams for Heroes Athletic Association for over 20 years including tournament play in Las Vegas, men’s regular season and co-ed ball. His role as a utility player lets him play most any position and he very much enjoys the competition as well as the camaraderie prevalent on each of the HAA teams.

When not working or playing softball, he is most likely to be found on the beach or enjoying his boat on the Chesapeake Bay with his wife and 2 children. He also spends the majority of the year coaching volleyball for various organizations including club and Centreville High School. His teams have won multiple championships over the 15 years. Coaching continues to be a true passion for him as he looks to create a positive environment for the youth involved in sports.

Sam Lea USA (Ret.)

Sam Lea served in the Army for almost nine years and has been working as a federal contractor for twelve years. Since 2016 Sam has been a Cybersecurity Engineer at the U.S. House of Representatives. A recent graduate of two master’s programs, Sam is hoping to dedicate more of his newly-acquired “free
time” to contribute to the development and growth of the HAA organization.

Sam has been playing for the Heroes Athletic Association since 2006 and has experienced winning
tournament and league championships with the various levels of Heroes (formerly the Virginia Vipers
Softball Club for Veterans) teams. Voted to the Board of Directors in 2019, one of “Sam Shady’s” most
memorable moments occurred when the club notched its 1000th win during a tournament in Front Royal,

Sam and his wife, Michelle, live in Woodbridge, VA, and have a son Brandon who works as a software developer in Northern VA. Sam enjoys playing and watching sports, watching movies, and
tinkering around with his home theater and coral reef aquariums.

Milan Peich


Milan Peich has been a Vipers/Heroes Athletic Association player since
2017. Known as “that guy” who seems to know how to do everything. He can make high quality items ranging from Apparel items and Awards to Laser Engraving and Woodworking, not to forget the unique broken hockey stick projects just for fun. He brings a unique blend of resources and knowledge to the organization not only in tangible items, but also computers, web development and graphic design.  

He continues to organize leagues and teams while serving on non-profit organizations Board of Directors. Milan is widely known for coaching local and travel youth baseball teams.  Milan managed adult softball teams and played in various national softball tournaments over his playing career which is still building as an infielder for the Heroes division 1 team.  In addition to playing softball, Milan also captains and plays on an adult hockey team, in addition to playing soccer.

Milan is also owner of Made to MPress a company producing team and school apparel along with custom gift ideas for families, weddings, coaches and team awards and trophies.

Milan has been supporting Marine Corps System Command and Program Offices for over 20 years at Quantico, VA.  

Nancy Ortmeyer Kuhn

Ms. Kuhn is a Director in Jackson & Campbell, P.C.’s Business Law Practice Group, specializing in a variety of federal and state tax and non-tax matters and litigation in federal and state courts. She is also the Chair of Jackson & Campbell’s Tax Law Practice Group.

Nancy has a strong and diverse background in tax planning, representation of taxpayers before the IRS, and general litigation. She has represented many taxpayers undergoing IRS audits, in addition to taxpayers in IRS appeals and collections. Nancy also advises clients with complex structures including joint ventures and domestic/international affiliated entities. She assists clients in navigating and negotiating favorable settlements with the IRS in trust and estate matters, employment tax, nonprofits, and individual/corporate collection matters. Nancy frequently advises clients who are in the planning stages of philanthropy, ensuring compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. She also advises individuals and corporate entities with regard to foreign and domestic tax issues, along with related business issues including complex litigation in federal and state courts.

Nancy’s existing clients include a variety of domestic and foreign high net-worth individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and domestic and foreign limited liability entities.

Prior to joining Jackson & Campbell, Nancy was Of Counsel with a D.C. law firm specializing in federal tax matters. Nancy also served with the IRS for ten years, primarily litigating before the United States Tax Court on behalf of the government. Nancy also served as an attorney-advisor at the United States Tax Court. Prior to law school, Nancy was a professional musician and Fulbright Scholar in Trondheim, Norway.

Nancy is active in the community and is a member of a variety of organizations. She sings with the Washington Chorus, Washington’s premier adult chorus which performs frequently at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Nancy is a member of the Murdock Inn of Court and Co-Chair of the 20 + Experts and the Women in Politics Committees of the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia. She is a long-distance runner and directs a hand bell choir.

Garry E. Hall USN (Ret.)


Rear Admiral Garry E. Hall USN is available to address audiences at select speaking engagements. Garry Hall is the former Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs & Senior Director for International Organizations & Alliances. He specializes in topics such as Corporate Leadership, Team Building, International Affairs, National Security, Immigration and Global Humanitarian Assistance.

World of Experience

Rear Admiral Garry Hall, received a political appointment to serve as a Senior Director on the National Security Council (NSC) and Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. On the NSC he was responsible for Human Rights, Humanitarian Assistance, Immigration and Migration, Atrocity Prevention, United Nations Operations, Democracies, and Fragile States. In support of these portfolios, he led a team of career professionals dedicated to each of these functional areas.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy he served 35 years on active duty. A naval aviator, he flew anti-submarine warfare helicopters and commanded two squadrons. Additionally, he commanded the capitol ship USS Tarawa LHA 1, which had a compliment of 1000 Sailors, 2000 Marines, 32 aircraft and 3 landing craft. As a Flag Officer he served as General Tommy Franks Information Operations Officer at the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, served with NATO in the United Kingdom, commanded an Expeditionary Strike Group deployed to the Middle East, and led a Senior Service college at National Defense University.

Admiral Hall holds a B.S. in Marine Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, an MBA from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and is a graduate of National Defense University’s Capstone Course.

Jorge Marimon

Jorge has over 30 years of versatile professional business experience with a proven track record of enhancing organizational performance. His experience includes leading the process improvement organization for health insurer Aetna. Most recently he was a Product Manager, Care Management Program with Aetna’s Joint Ventures.

Jorge holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing and a Masters of Business Administration, Finance from the University of Connecticut. He also completed the Six Sigma Black Belt Training from Villanova University.

Jorge strongly believes in supporting the community. His efforts include serving as Board President of the South Park Inn homeless shelter and Vice Chair of Capital Community College’s Foundation Board. He is also a Champion Club Fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association.

He was born in and immigrated from Colombia, SA. Jorge and his wife, Susan, are proud parents of two children. They reside in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Henry L Huntley USA (Ret.)

Henry L. Huntley. Henry served the U.S. Army for 31 years from 1983-2014, first as an infantry officer and then in the public affairs career field. Henry has held many operational and staff assignments during his more than 30 years of service, including two tours at the Pentagon and as deputy commanding general of U.S. Army Recruiting Command. Henry deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, serving as the Deputy Chief of Public Affairs for Coalition Forces Land Component Command and Combined Joint Task Force-7, and again in 2007 in support of the Multi-National Forces Iraq.

Henry has a long and distinguished Army career, and today he continues to serve the country and Veterans as a media relations representative with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Kathleen McHale

Dr. Kathleen McHale is an orthopedic surgeon in Alexandria, Virginia.  She received her medical degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania and has been in practice for more than 20 years.  Dr. McHale formerly served as an Army Doctor before retiring at the rank of Colonel.  She is currently affiliated with the INOVA Alexandria Hospital.  

Karl Flippinger

Karl Fippinger, CEM, PMP is Vice President, Fire and Disaster Mitigation for the International Code Council. He is a 30-year veteran of the fire and emergency services having served as an Assistant Fire Chief with the Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department in Prince William County, VA as well as an adjunct instructor with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department in Fairfax County, VA. Karl is a Certified Emergency Manager and serves as a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Advisory Council. He brings more than 25 years of public and private sector experience in federal, state, and local disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.

Laura A. Cahill

Laura A. Cahill is a graduate of Boston College with a BA in Political Science and the University of Connecticut School of Law. She served as Deputy State Director and Counsel for former U.S. Senator Joseph I. Lieberman. Laura is currently employed as a Commissioner for the Connecticut Liquor Control Commission. During her professional career, Laura has served in numerous nonprofit capacities including former President of the UCONN Alumni Association, the UCONN Club, Trustee for the UCONN Law School Foundation, Vice-President of Finance & Investment for The Michael Bolton Charities, and First Church of Christ Congregational leadership positions.