Tyler Burriss


Tyler is a former Service Member who participated with Heroes Athletic Association.  During his tenure with HAA, he made a life changing decision to leave the military.  A new dad, Tyler was concerned about all of the issues that are part of transition.  Throughout his transition, he petitioned his teammates about leaving the military, civilian careers and some of the challenges associated with starting a new career. True to form, his teammates provided sage advice, opportunities and introduced him to their civilian peers from their community network.

Today, Tyler is a Veteran with a super career, and he is a full-time dad to his wonderful daughter. The HAA model supported another patriot toward success in his new life.

“My daughter recently walked up to me and said, ‘Daddy, I love you.  You do so much for me.’  As I left the Army, I was always concerned about successfully providing for my daughter.  I knew I needed the same income, insurance and other benefits offered to me in uniform but wasn’t sure how to secure a civilian job.   The HAA team  helped me  use the community connections I had developed while playing ball in the local leagues.  My teammates took my resume to their leadership, helped me get interviews but most importantly, every night we played, I received a new piece of advice on how to avoid the mistakes they had made in transitioning.  HAA is the kind of community resource that all heroes need when they leave their military careers.”

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  1. Tyler, I’m a friend of your Mom’s. Thank you for your service and your work to this project. I have one son in Air Force (career) and one son who was medically discharged. This program would be great for him. He is so lonely and depressed. Is this project in every state?

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