Chris Mariani


Chris Mariani is a retired Soldier who is part of the Heroes Athletic Association. Chris came to the group while on terminal leave from the Army as he followed his wife to Washington, DC to support her government career. As a member of HAA, he met many other players who when through the transition out of uniform into the civilian sector and was fortunate enough to land a job with a government contractor. Chris was mentored by quite a few of his teammates who had “been there and done that.” He has certainly endeared himself to our charity and today, Chris plays on two the Hero teams. The entire Heroes Athletic Association is proud of Chris, as well as pleased to have been able to support him in his transition. HAA helped him establish a new network in the challenging time of changing careers.

Thanks for being part of HAA Chris and being a great example of a Soldier who transitioned the right way to help support his wife’s career.

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